[feɪs] noun [C] I
1) the front part of your head, where your eyes, nose, and mouth are
She wiped her face.[/ex]
He had a big smile on his face.[/ex]
The ball hit me in the face.[/ex]
2) a side of something
the mountain's north face[/ex]
the faces of a coin/cube[/ex]
3) a person
There were a lot of famous faces at the party.[/ex]
Look out for a couple of new faces in the team.[/ex]
4) the way that something appears to people
players who changed the face of tennis[/ex]
This is the new face of banking in America.[/ex]
face down — with the front or face towards the ground[/ex]
face to face — 1) in a situation where you are talking to another person directly[/ex]
It would be better if we talked face to face.[/ex]
I came face to face with his mother.[/ex]

— 2) in a situation where you are forced to deal directly with a problem

Her work brings her face to face with human suffering.[/ex]
face up — with the front or face upwards[/ex]
in the face of — in an unpleasant or difficult situation[/ex]
They won in the face of stiff competition from all over the country.[/ex]
lose face — to lose people's respect[/ex]
make/pull a face — to put a silly or rude expression on your face, or an expression that shows that you dislike someone or something[/ex]
on the face of it — used for saying that something appears to be true, although it may not be true[/ex]
He didn't have to pay any rent, so on the face of it he didn't need much money.[/ex]
save face — to avoid seeming stupid or feeling embarrassed[/ex]
a compromise that allows both sides to save face[/ex]
save face — to avoid being embarrassed or losing people's respect[/ex]
to sb's face — if you say something to someone's face, you say it to them directly[/ex]
blue I,
egg I,
fly I,
pretty II,
straight I
face */*/*/[feɪs]
1) [I/T] to have your face or front towards someone or something
The two men faced each other across the table.[/ex]
I turned to face the sun.[/ex]
My room faces north.[/ex]
2) [T] if you face a problem, or if it faces you, you have to deal with it
The country is now faced with the prospect of war.[/ex]
Many of the shipyard workers face losing their jobs.[/ex]
3) [T] to accept that a bad situation exists and try to deal with it
She had to face the fact that she still missed him.[/ex]
4) [T] to talk to someone when this is difficult or embarrassing
I'll never be able to face her again after what happened.[/ex]
5) [T] to compete against someone
Williams will face Capriati for the title.[/ex]
can't face sthspoken to not want to do something because it is too difficult or unpleasant[/ex]
He couldn't face the washing-up, so he left it until the morning.[/ex]
can't face doing sth I just can't face attending another conference.[/ex]
let's face itspoken used before saying something that people might not want to accept, although it is true[/ex]
Let's face it, we played badly today.[/ex]
- face up to sth

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